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Lids for trays

Increasing consumer interest in natural products and healthy food at the same time sparks interest to the usage of new safe packaging for such products. Therefore, the packing should be made from natural materials and should be comfortable and clean. Disposable food containers from aluminum foil of “PACK.EE” company fully meet modern requirements for food packaging.




Meat processing plants, food production enterprises, infant formula manufacturing facility, milk processing plants, canned fruit and vegetables manufacturing factories, delicatessen shops, retail network




“PACK.EE” company offers a complete packaging solution, which includes:


disposable standard, smooth-walled containers from food aluminum foil and Steralcon (Lamister), lids (cardboard aluminum, PET, OPS);

packaging machines to pack containers.




Your comfort zone coincides with the comfort zone of the end user.


You provide the buyers with: a practical, comfortable, heat-resistant packaging;

Containers are not deformed in the process of cooking, can be used in ovens and microwave ovens;

They are highly resistible to large and small temperature ranges (from -40 °C to +280 °C, melting point +669 °C) protecting products from cracking, carbonization and burning;

Disposable food containers made from aluminum foil, Steralcon (Lamister) is a safe, environmentally-friendly packaging;

Food aluminum foil packaging does not change chemical properties of a product, making it the ideal barrier material, and allows a consumer to enjoy the original taste of any dish;

Food containers made from aluminum foil are sterile as a foil surface does not contain surface bacteria; aluminum prevents the development of microorganisms.

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