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Smoothwall containers

Products from 130 microns thick foil suit optimally for vacuum packaging with modified atmosphere, the strength of which is achieved by smooth curves, presence of hard edges and reinforcing ribs, making them as safe as possible from the point of view of the “retail hygiene” and ultra comfortable considering the use of a container as a universal reservoir for packaging, storage, transportation, selling and cooking, reheating and serving. Smoothwall containers can be hermetically sealed with Surlin or PE film with a flat or domed lid.




FOODPRODUCTIONCOMPANIES,retail network, cooking, end user


Smoothwall containers, optimal packaging for:


refrigerated meat and poultry,

marinated raw meat and poultry,

semi-finished meat and fish in “shock freezing”,

baking and pastry requiring preheating before serving,

vegetable dishes and semi-finished food products.




use of the unique barrier properties of the foil combined with the optimal solutions for vacuum packing using “Modified atmosphere packaging”, “Controlled atmosphere packaging”, TMSKINFOIL technology;

shelf life/life of refrigerated, unfrozen products may be extended to 10-12 days;

ideal solution for vacuum packaging of products subjected to “shock freezing”;

a product packed in a smooth-wall container automatically obtains an undeniable option: “marketability”.




Your comfort zone coincides with the comfort zone of the end user.

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