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Условия обслуживания Pack.ee интернет-магазин
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BALTREX GRUPP OÜ, state registration number 11036314 (hereafter - Seller) and Client, ordering the goods on-line through the E-shop www.PACK.EE  and identifying him/herself by accompanying the order with the personal data (hereafter – Client) have conducted this User agreement (hereafter – User agreement).

1.1. The E-shop www.PACK.EE  founded by BALTREX GRUPP OÜ is for selling goods to the Client.

2.1. The relations between the parties are regulated by the Law of Obligations Act and other legal acts of the Republic of Estonia that are related to the User agreement.

2.2. The Seller has a right to amend the offered services and goods at any time.

2.3. The Seller has a right to revise the conditions of the User agreement without any written notification to the Client.

3.1. As a rule, the E-shop’s www.PACK.EE  goods are available at the storage. The E-shop’s www.PACK.EE  goods availability could be changed due to the storage technical problems or E-shop’s www.PACK.EE  programming failure.

3.2. If a good is not available at the storage and the order cannot be completed, the E-shop’s administrator contacts the Client and offers, if possible, the other delivery term, exchange of the good or payment return. For the last case payment is returned to the Client within 30 calendar days.

3.3. The goods’ photos are illustrative and they could differ from the real goods. The goods’ descriptions/ characteristics are not full and may contain misprinting. For the detailed information, it is necessary to contact the customer service.

3.4. The E-shop’s offered goods are sold to the natural persons as well as to the legal persons.

3.5. The Client must prove his/her age as 15 years or older.

3.6. After the good’s selection the Client must provide the personal data (surname, name, contact telephone number, e-mail address, the delivery address, ZIP code) and pay for the order.

3.7. Completing the order the Client must provide the correct data that is needed to proceed the order. The Seller is not responsible for the Client’s data correctness and any other consequences delivered from the possible discrepancy of the data provided.

3.8. The purchase is complete after the relevant Client’s payment appears on the Seller’s bank account.

3.9. BALTREX GRUPP OÜ could refuse the purchase in the case of: human intervention or technical failure that ends with pricing mistake (for example, the good with 5-euro price appears with 500-euro price that is a clear mistake. We are looking for understanding because we cannot sell the goods on the obviously wrong price).

4.1. The E-shop’s prices are in EURO and contain the VAT.

4.2. The Seller has a right to change the E-shop’s prices at any time. If the E-shop’s price was changed after the order and the Client’s payment completed, the Seller must deliver the goods due to the data provided within the order. The Client cannot demand the compensation for the price difference.

5.1. The Client has an opportunity to choose the delivery method.

5.1.1. The goods are delivered to the Client by the door-to-door delivery service throughout Estonia.

5.1.2. The Client could come to pick up the goods to the www.PACK.EE  shop located in Tallinn at the address: Marati 5.

5.2. If the Client chooses the option of the door-to-door delivery service the delivery time is 2-7 days. Allgoodsareinsuredonthewayofdelivery.

5.3. If during order proceeding the Client chooses the option of the independent receive of the goods the Seller informs the Client about the time available to pick up the ordered goods from the www.PACK.EE  located at the address: Marati 5  by telephone, SMS or e-mail in 1-7 working days after the payment completed.

5.4. The Client who made the order must present the ID-document (passport, ID-card or driving license) to receive the ordered goods.

5.5. The delivery time could be longer if the special order is made or it is indicated on the good’s page.

5.6. The Client is responsible to pick up the goods within 1 (one) month after the time of delivery to the shop www.PACK.EE  . After this term BALTREX GRUPP OÜ has a right to utilize the goods.


6.1. If the Client decides to refuse the order after its completing and before the delivery, the Client must inform the Seller in a written form as soon as possible. The written notification must be sent to the e-mail: info@pack.ee. The notification must contain the order number and contacts details (name, surname, order date, contact telephones).

6.2. If the notification comes to the Seller after the delivery term the refuse must comply with “Return policy” chapter of the User agreement.

6.3. The Seller returns the payment to the Client within 30 days after the written refuse notification is received.

6.4. Payment is returned to the same bank account as it came earlier.

7.1. For the E-shop www.PACK.EE   the return policy term is 14 days after the purchase.

7.2. The returned goods must be unused, undamaged, fully completed and unopened in the original box. If the goods were purchased by campaign prices and there were other goods, services and gift certificates added, the Client must return all goods, services etc.

7.3. In order to return the goods the Client must inform the Seller in a written form on e-mail: info@pack.ee.
7.4. The receipt for the purchased goods must be presented to return the payment.

7.5. The return policy is valid for the natural persons only.

7.6. The Seller returns the payment to the Client within 30 days after the returned goods are received by the Seller.

7.7. Payment is returned to the same bank account as it came earlier.

7.8. All delivery services for the returned goods are paid by the Client.

7.9. In the case the returned goods do not comply with the articles 7.1. – 7.5. of the User agreement the Client do not receive the payment back and the goods remain in his/her property. All delivery and storage services for the returned goods are paid by the Client.

8.1. The complaint terms for the purchased at the E-shop goods are regulated by the legislature of the Republic of Estonia.

8.2. The complaint procedure is delivered due to the articles 7.1. – 7.9. of the User agreement.


9.1. The Clients clearly agrees on the Seller’s usage of his/her personal data during order proceeding.

9.2. The Client’s personal data received during order proceeding are entered to the Clients’ register and used for completing the purchase or for service delivery.

9.3. The personal data is entered during order proceeding at the E-shop www.PACK.EE .

9.4. The following personal data is registered: personal code, surname, name (names), street, house, flat number, town (village etc.), ZIP code, telephone number, address, date of birth, sex, the delivery method, the payment method, agreement on the User agreement, agreement on advertisements campaigns, symbols from the e-mail letter.

9.5. The Client’s personal data is proceeded by BALTREX GRUPP OÜ, state registration number 11036314.
9.6. The necessary for delivery the Client’s personal data is transferred to delivery carrier.

9.7. Personal data protection is ensured by the all legally binding methods.

9.8. The Seller is obliged not to transfer the Client’s personal data to the third parties.

9.9. The Seller has a right to transfer the Client’s personal data to the governmental and other state departments if it is prescribed by the legal acts and is done for health, life safety and rights protection of a person.

9.10. The Client has a right to control the availability of personal data, to change, amend and delete it from the register.

9.11. The Client agrees that the Seller sends invoices and other necessary information to the e-mail entered during order proceeding.

9.12. The Client agrees that the Seller sends the campaign information to the e-mail entered during order proceeding if the Client put a tick on the relevant box during order proceeding.

10.1. The Seller is responsible for goods’ pricing.

10.2. The Client must use the E-shop’s services in a legal way only, not for the malicious acts.

10.3. The Client is responsible for the data security within his/her own computer applications.

10.4. Due to the User agreement the Client is fully responsible for the damage caused to the Seller or the third parties on his/her own will during using the E-shop.

11.1. All inconsistencies delivered by the Client and the Seller from the User agreement are solved according to the acting legal acts of the Republic of Estonia. If agreement is not possible the disputes are adjudged.

12.1. The Client must get acquainted with the conditions of the User agreement.

12.2. Making order the Client agrees that he/she has got acquainted with the User agreement, understood and agreed on the conditions of the E-shop’s User agreement by putting the tick on “I agree on the E-shop’s www.PACK.EE  (BALTREX GRUPP OÜ) conditions”.

This is the English translation from the original User agreement in Estonian. You can read the original text by clicking on the Estonian version of our web-site.


E-shop’s www.PACK.EE  (BALTREX GRUPP OÜ) User agreement is valid from 01.01.2016.




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